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Is The Love Worth Fighting For

Have you fallen in love and do not know whether the love is still worth fighting for or letting go is the best thing to do? Of course, you would not want to let go too easily if the love is still there. Fighting for love is okay to any gender, it is not just a man’s job to fight for love but woman too. Hence, if a woman still loves her man, she needs to fight for him.
But unfortunately, not all love are worth the fight, there are some that should be suspended and stopped. Letting go is painful, but sometimes it is the only way for one to be happy.

Is there still respect?
Is there still respect left within the relationship? If the relationship causes you so much pain, maybe it is time to let go. Is he harming you physically? If so, maybe it is time you think twice or even thrice about fighting for the love. If he is already mistreating you, thinking again why you have to fight for him is better.
Respect is an important key to a relationship’s success, and if this is already gone, there is no reason why would you still stay. Choose your fights and make sure your fights are worthy and cannot affect your dignity and life.
The reason of the break up
If the reason is just petty, like being late on dates and not answering one of your calls immediately, breaking up is not a solution. But, if there is a third party involved (depending on the third person’s involvement) or he is hurting you physically, fighting for his love may not be ideal anymore.
Of course, the decision is all yours to make. But, just in case you need an extra hand to make him beg for your love again, consider Amy North text messages.

November 27, 2019